How To Create a Telegram Quiz with Quizbot

Telegram is a fantastic messaging app. It has so many options and possibilities that make it very flexible for all sorts of uses – it even includes “bots” which are automated on a Telegram server.

One of these is Quizbot which is great for setting up a multiple choice quiz for education purposes or for a fun quiz evening.

Setting up a quiz

The first thing you need to do is search for “quizbot” by clicking the search magnifying glass at the top right of the Telegram home screen.

Click on the bot to start a chat. You’ll see a screen like this:

Click “START” and you will find an option to Create New Quiz

Now you need to type in a title for the quiz. It’s quite a good idea to include a date with the title.

Once you’ve created a title, you will be asked to give a description for the quiz.
It’s not required, so most likely you can click /skip.

Now click the button that says “Create a question”.

A new screen will open where you can type in the question and the possible answers. It’s up to you how many answers you would like to include.
Remember to tick the correct answer so the green tick shows.
At the end of the set-up you will be asked if you want to shuffle the questions and answers, so you don’t have to worry too much about which order you put the answers in.

At the bottom you can disable the “Anonymous Voting” option.

If you want to explain the correct answer, you can type this up in the “Add an explanation” section. This will be shown to anyone who clicks on the wrong answer during the quiz.

When you’re done, click “CREATE” in the top right corner.

You’ll see the screen below with the question you’ve just created.

Now you need to repeat the process for all of the questions.
When you’re finished, click /done.

The next two steps will help you finalise your quiz. You’ll see the next screen presents you with an option to choose a time limit for each question. This obviously depends on the type of questions you have. A good time for quiz questions is 1 minute for people to have time to chat between questions (45 seconds is good for a fast quiz).

The last option is to choose how the questions and answers will be shuffled. This is really up to you to decide, but if you created each question with the first answer as the correct answer, you will want to shuffle the answers so that people don’t see that is how it works.

That’s it! Your quiz is now ready. You can share the link with individuals if you would like them to play.

For a quiz in a GROUP, use the “Start quiz in group” option and then choose the group. You will need to be an admin on the group to do this.

If you made a mistake somewhere, you can use the “Edit quiz” option to make some changes.
You can’t actually edit the questions themselves if you made a spelling mistake or chose the wrong option. You’ll need to go back to the question and REPLACE it

HELP! The bot got stuck in the middle of a quiz on a group!

Not to worry, you don’t need to start again.
Just have one of the admins on the group remove the bot and add it back again.
The quiz will pause and you can click to resume once the bot is back on the group.

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